Head of Oxbridge Mathematics

Senior Mentor


My teaching style is simple: get to know the young person first before motivating them to enjoy wrestling with interesting mathematical problems.  I was an Assistant Housemaster in a boarding house for five years as well as an academic and pastoral mentor for pupils between the ages of 13 and 18 in my capacity as a tutor in a different house.  I am sensitive to the high levels of pastoral care and nurturing that is necessary for young people to develop and the value of giving them advice and guidance that is pertinent to a range of GCSE, A-Level and university choices in the UK and US.


Oxford University, PGCE from Pembroke College

Cambridge University, MEd in Mathematics Education from Homerton College

Cambridge University, PhD threshold for peer group mentoring 

Theoretical Astrophysics with a 2.1  

Academic scholar at the prestigious Aitchison College

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