Words from the Founders


 Andrew and Terrence


Recalling our school years, we saw so many young talented individuals who lack motivation and direction towards their studies. Teachers at schools have to take care of the entire class and do not have the time to encounter individual needs. This put many students unmotivated and confused about their future. The mentorship programme we provide is a game changer in both the student's academic life and future aspirations, through frequent meetings, communication with the student and parents, mentors discover the student's and the family's interest to devise a perfect plan for the student to follow. We are here to provide guidance and help your child unleash their full potential. 

Terrence Kwok


Having been a part of a boarding school myself, I am very thankful for all the advice and inside knowledge that my mentors were able to guide me on.

Going to Cambridge to study BSc Computer Science, I was inspired to start an online education consultancy with the intention of sharing the knowledge I was so grateful to receive throughout my education from my mentors.

Company Philosophy

Our firm's philosophy is best captured in the words of the great UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. It is the steadfast belief of our firm that intelligent, promising individuals require expert guidance in their academic and character growth to fully realize their potential. We believe that as long as the individual is committed to working together with us, they will be able to achieve any goal they set out to accomplish.

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